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flow (flō) v.i. : to stream forth from a source; fluid with continuity and rhythm 

flow-er (flou'Ər) n. : the combination of organs of reproduction in a plant; blossom; the brightest, finest,

choicest part, period or specimen of anything

to approach the growth of our soul,

we may begin by going to the source of how we carry our stories in our bodies  

Maya Abdominal Therapy

​ Fertility Enhancement

• Regulate the Menstrual Cycle

• Improve Prolapse and Tilted Uterus

• Decrease Period Pain

• Postpartum Recovery

• Bladder and Yeast Infections

• Uterine Fibroids/Ovarian Cysts

• Pregnancy Discomfort

• Pelvic Congestion and Pain

• Abdominal Adhesions & Scar Tissue

• Peri/Menopausal Symptoms

• Digestive Disorders

• Male Reproductive/Urinary Health

• Body Reconnection

Prenatal, Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage & Education 

Preconception, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are doorways of initiation.  In supporting the Mother, the baby will have all she or he needs. 

Therapeutic Massage

Treatments derive from a culmination of therapies including Swedish Massage, Deep Tisssue, Reflexology and Visceral Manipulation.

Flower Essences

"The action of certain flowers, shrubs and trees that grow in the wild raise our vibrations and open our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm."

- Edward Bach

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Meet Jackie
"I first began seeing Jacqueline when I was pregnant with my first baby. Two babies later and her work and care is invaluable to me. I cannot recommend her services enough! In her presence I feel not only completely witnessed and held, but also deeply supported, both physically and also emotionally and spiritually. Jacqueline's attunment is both subtle and powerful, as she weaves her immense knowledge and wisdom into a holistic and individualized approach. Most recently she supported me through the immediate postpartum of my second child. I am very particular about who I let into my field during this sacred and sheltered window of time and Jacqueline was one of the chosen few whom I knew would be an immense asset to my healing. She provided not only attuned and deep bodywork but also was a holistic witness to my whole process. She listened, answered questions, crafted specific flower essences to support the healing, showed me how to wear fajas and utilize pelvic steams, recommended certain herbal remedies, and many more sacred tools from her medicine kit. Her work is especially powerful because she supports your own healing process, not forcing anything, but simply supporting and allowing your own body to come into complete healing and alignment. I cannot speak highly enough of her work: it is an immense gift and I wish for anyone who is interested in their own healing to begin working with Jacqueline."
Summer Steele
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