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Over 20 years of diversity in the arts of healing through listening, mindful touch and plants.​

Meet Jacqueline Wooden 

Jacqueline Wooden is native to a long lineage of mountain peoples in the lands some call Tennessee and Kentucky. She has always had the love of learning, especially when it comes to plants, food, and cultures, and exploring what is beneath "what is being said" at first look.  She has a deep love of life and when with others, dedicates her full attention to hearing and responding to each person’s unique heart story.


Journeys through her own illnesses have given her ample opportunity to explore many layers of healing within herself, growing into a mosaic of songs layered into her life. Jacqueline has had the gift of extraordinary teachers and healers to guide her, both deep in-the-flesh present day teachers as well as those teachers that go unseen, moving in the feeling layers of the world teaching through dreams, intuition or the quiet voices from within.

Jacqueline began her relationship with plants in the early 2000's, living between Oregon and California, learning wild crafting and handwork of indigenous peoples of these lands. Some of her teachers included Cascade Anderson Geller, Dr Deborah Frances ND, Richo Cech, James Jungsworth, amongst others.


Jacqueline's first introduction to Maya Abdominal Therapy was in 2005 when traditional midwife Miss Beatrice Waight of Belize was visiting California, where she was treated and participated in healing ceremonies. This deepened her awakening to healing within the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  She moved to Vermont in 2006 to apprentice for six months with Pam Montgomery, learning more to "listening" and "tracking" the songs of the plants. It was here that she first studied with Dr. Rosita Arvigo of Belize and thus decided to attend schooling for massage in Tennessee, where she became a LMT in 2008. 

From 2014-2016, Jacqueline trained as an Arvigo® therapist and Advanced Pregnancy Arvigo® therapist. She has continued trainings with Julia Graves , furthering her knowledge of Flower Essences, Cell Salts and other natural remedies.

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