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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect in an Arvigo® / Maya Abdominal Therapy session?


Please set aside 2-2.5 hours for our Initial meeting.

I will guide our conversation to learn of your current health needs and history.

After evaluation of structure and form, we'll get in to the hands-on portion of the work.

In closing, we will determine how our next steps can unfold.

What do sessions look like beyond our initial?


After our initial session, we will co-create a plan to best achieve your needs.

A Sacred Series of Three Sessions housed under a discount bundle rate is a particularly potent way to begin.   


What other complimentary support may be included in a session?

· Education of lifestyle and dietary nutrition

· Herbal Remedies

· Self-Care massage

· Pelvic Steams (Bajos, Ba-hos)

· Fajas (Fa-has, Organ support)

· Castor oil Applications

· Flower Essences

· Cell Salts

· Tuning Forks

· Hydrosols


What is Abdominal Massage?

Maya Abdominal massage is a non-invasive external massage, including focus on alignment of reproductive and abdominal organs. Also included is an evaluation of the thoracic, lumbar spine and sacrum.


What do I wear? 

You are welcome to unrobe to your comfort level.


Who is this beneficial for?

This work can be valuable for women, pregnant women, men and teenagers and children.

What are deeper learnings of the Maya Abdominal Massage Origins?


How does Therapeutic Massage differ from Maya Abdominal Massage?

Therapeutic treatments derive from a culmination of therapies including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Visceral Manipulation.

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